Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shine On You Beautiful Catcher

One of the young Seattle Mariners that I am building a collection around is Mike Zunino. The catcher position doesn’t seem to get the love that a lights out pitcher or hard hitting outfielder gets but Seattle fans love their backstops. Guys like Dave Valle, Dan Wilson and Kenji Johjima were always in the hearts of Mariners fans and Zunino is continuing that role.

I have a couple of Zunino cards and while I am looking to add a relic for a Zunino trifecta I have also been watching this 2013 Leaf Rookie Retro Genetic Matrix card for about a year. Initially the seller had it at $9.99 earlier this year and sold a couple but he eventually dropped it to $7.99 and finally $4.99 a couple of months ago. He was down to 1 left so I finally bought it to add it to my Mariners collection.

I have a couple of these Leaf Rookie Retro Genetic Matrix card, so far 6 total include a Puig, Te’o and Geno Smith. I am a just a sucker for these cards and as long as I can get a deal I don’t mind adding some to my collection. I eventually want to add a Lillard to my collection, after that I don’t know if I want to just complete the set or cherry pick players.

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