Monday, March 2, 2015

Flat Stanley Griffey Style

I have been wanting to pick up a Crazyworks Ken Griffey Jr. Sports Warrior action figure lately. When they were in stores I wasn’t big on them so I never picked one up but over the past 15 years they have grown on my and I now want one.

I didn’t pick one up but instead ordered a 1999 Topps Action Flats figure for a couple of bucks. The figure, which is about 3 inches tall, comes in a box with a special edition 1999 Topps card.

I initially planned on displaying the figure out of the box but I didn’t realize how flat it really is, Topps wasn’t kidding when they decided on the name "Action Flats".

EDIT- I forgot to include images of the card, here it is



  1. Is there a large card in the box? I have the figure but not the box or card.

    1. The card is a standard sized card and it is marked with the "Action Flats" logo on both the front and back. It is similar to the 1999 Topps flagship release but uses a different image on the front, the back is the same though as the #100 Griffey base card.

      I added images of the card that was included in the post above.

    2. I gotta get me one-a deez! - Will Smith, "Independence Day"

  2. I picked up a 1998 Topps Action Flats FB set awhile back, because I wanted the Manning rookie. Oddball issues rule!