Friday, March 6, 2015

I Just Don't Get It

I think I have now seen everything graded when I came across a seller who has a dozen or more ACEO cards graded. Each of the cards is graded by GMA, a well-known “Mint 10” factory who will grade anyone’s card a Perfect 10 for just $2 a card.

I am a big fan of ACEO cards, I love to see people show their talents on cardboard. As a sketch artist I have had commissions for sketch cards and on occasion I have sent out personalized sketch cards in trade packages but at no point would I ever expect someone to have any of these cards graded. But then again I am not a fan of grading modern cards unless there is serious jump in value for a graded version you plan to sell or if the card is condition sensitive and susceptible to damage.

When you think about it getting a card like this graded, even with GMA’s $2 per card, this is still a loss to the person who got the cards graded. Along with the $2 per card you have to include shipping fees to and from GMA, which range from $15-$20 for return fees alone.

I am not ripping the seller or the artist, I just don’t get why anyone would grade an ACEO card in the first place.

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  1. On grading in general... I go back and forth on where I stand. One day I like them... the next day I don't. I will say that I truly despise these lesser known grading companies that hand out Gem MT grades like candy on Halloween. You and I have a firm understanding that these grades are meaningless. But to someone with little to no experience, they might see the Gem MT and think "jackpot".

    As for getting ACEO cards... I don't get it either. I know I wouldn't spend the extra money myself. However in an effort to put myself in the other guy's shoes... maybe he/she liked the idea of having his/her card slabbed for protective purposes. I don't know... just a thought.