Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Some Sellers Are Knuckleheads

As a seller on eBay I know how it helps to be perfectly honest and straight forward with the buyers just as being a buyer I expect the seller to be honest with me. If a mistake is made I do what I can to make it right and if necessary compensate the buyer for any inconvenience.

In February I purchased a Griffey 1994 Pinnacle Church’s Chicken Show Stopper oddball card from a seller in Louisiana. It was marked shipped on 2/24 and the delivery time was estimated for 7 days on March 4th. The 4th comes and goes and I am not too worried, I know that my mail carrier has serious issues with delivering letters within a reasonable time and I consider myself lucky if a week goes by and I either get a neighbors mail or someone else gets mine. I figured wait until this week before emailing the seller.

I send an email to the seller Monday (3/9) night asking if there had been a delay in mailing out the card, which he comes back saying it wasn’t delayed and that he will get me the tracking number. He gave me UPS tracking info so I check the tracking number provided and find out the card was not shipped until Friday 3/6.

I am not the kind of person that causes problems, I am not going to demand a refund or additional cards for free I just want to be told the truth. Had he told me he wasn’t going to mail the card for 10 days I would have been find but to come back 2 weeks later when I asked what is going on and acting like it was delayed by UPS when the tracking number shows otherwise is pretty crummy.


  1. Don't let that wanker represent the rest of Louisiana. The vast majority of us are straight shooters, I assure you.

    Excellent Griffey, BTW. Love the colors.

  2. I don't blame you for feeling crummy. Lack of honesty is the quickest way to ruin my day.

    As for eBay... I've had my fair share of not so positive experiences in the past 12 months... but thankfully the good sellers outweigh the bad. I recently had a situation where I was waiting on a card, but the seller ended up coming through big time. I'll be writing about it as soon as I can find a few minutes.

  3. It is frustrating. Some sellers will print out the postage and then just wait forever before they ship.

  4. Funny I was just about to post about a very similar experience. I guess we should count out blessing that the vast majority of sellers try to do the right thing.

    But those that don't can be pretty frustrating!

  5. Great looking card! Glad it finally arrived. I've had similar experiences on ebay. So frustrating, especially when the seller never even apologizes.