Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Art Gallery: 2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion Gentlemen Martian

This month’s Art Gallery design comes from the 2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion release. The artist is Edgar Pasten from Little House Designs, this took a bit of searching to find out who the artist was with this card. Pasten is an artist of many talents, he is an illustrator, sketch artist and he is also a sculpture and designs toys, which are sold through his company 3 Coconut Monkey. His sketch cards can be found in Topps products including both Mars Attacks releases and various Star Wars sets.

Because there is such a large sketch artist checklist for both Mars Attacks Heritage and Mars Attacks Invasion you can find plenty of nice cards for under $10. This card was one of those. What caught my attention with this card is the humor, “Like a sir!” is what came to mind. The only thing missing is a monocle. This was one of my fun additions, I was lucky to find it for just a couple of dollars.

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