Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards VI

My son has taken an interest in hitting up swap meets, flea markets and thrift shops because his friends have come up with some insane deals on clothing and it drew him in and occasionally on the weekends I will go with him. This past weekend I had to do some errands and we stopped by a local thrift shop and I came across a kid’s board game from 2000 that included a Ken Griffey Jr game piece.
The box was sealed so I took a chance that the Griffey piece wasn’t in there but at $2 it wasn’t really a big risk of losing out if anything was missing. When I got home and ripped the plastic wrap off it turned out that everything was included plus one of the player cards is a Griffey card in addition to the game piece. The game is called APBA Superstars Baseball and there is a kids version of football as well as ones for adults where the cards are just information so no pictures.

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