Thursday, June 22, 2017

So You Don't Have To Experiment #2- Get That Paper Outta Here

This month I decided to skin some chrome cards to see what is hidden beneath that shiny surface. I did skin a Bowman Chrome and a Topps Chrome about a month ago in response to a thread on Blowout Forums where someone posted images of a prototype card that they had that was based on the 2014 Bowman Chrome Daniel McGrath card only acetate and instead of listing his specific position (Pitcher) it just said “Position”.

A couple of people were claiming it was a manipulated Bowman Chrome card so I decided to try to see if I came up with the same thing as far as being clear. As you can see with this experiment that is not the case, the card backs are mirrored and not clear so obviously the card the OP posted about was not a manipulated Bowman Chrome card. The OP did contact Topps, got an “I don’t know answer” and they did submit it to BGS for grading. As of May16th there has not been an update as to the cards origins. I am guessing it was an early prototype.
I did the same procedure as before with placing two cards face back down in to water. The donor cards this time are a 2013 Bowman Chrome Brandon Maurer and a 2013 Panini Prizm Percy Harvin. I left the cards in the water for 16 hours, dried them off and removed the backs as best I could.
Since the paper attached to the adhesive is a bit difficult I placed the cards back in to the water, again backs down. After 4 hours I removed the cards, dried them off and then removed the paper I could get off. I did place the cards back in to the water overnight to separate the remaining paper, removed them from the water, dried them off and completed the experiment.
After soaking in the water for 16 hours first, then 4 hours and finally 12 hours I could completely remove all of the paper from the Bowman Chrome but the adhesive on the Panini Prizm card did not dissolve enough and I could not remove any additional paper from the back. Either Panini uses a different adhesive or the way they apply it makes it stick better to the card. I did accidently bend the Bowman Chrome while drying it off, that is why it appears to have a black smudge across the top half of the card in the final photo. That is my monitor reflecting off of the card when I took the picture, that black mark is not on the card.

If you have any more ideas of things I can do so you don't have to I would love to hear them. Check out my initial post that includes the list of things I will be doing and feel free to leave a comment if you have something else you would like added.


  1. No ideas here, but WOW, very interesting!

  2. Interesting. What if you soaked them in bleach?

    1. I like that suggestion, it is going on the list. I am guessing the card will lose all color.