Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Question Day- Where Did It Begin?

When I lay in bed at night and the lights go out my mind switches on and I come up with some interesting ideas. One of those ideas was for a series of questions regarding collections and the hobby. I sat down and started typing out some of the questions and once I was done with those that were rattling around my brain I started to put together the posts. I figured I will post up the questions on Mondays, makes it easier for me to remember, and see what everyone has to say.

Today is question day:

How did you get in to collecting cards?

When I was young I remember playing with cards, not collecting them but flipping cards and sticking them in my spokes. The first cards I remember collecting was in 1979 when I would go up to a local convenience store and buy packs of 1979 Topps basketball. For some reason, I still remember pulling Jack Sikma. I collected until 1987 when I stopped and then returned in late 1992 when Shaq hit the scene.

I don't have the Jack Sikma card any more but this is the one that brought me in to the hobby.


  1. I had become a monster truck fan in 1986, from then until about 1992 it was my favorite thing in the world. In 1988 the first of only four monster truck sets was issued and I got quite a few of them. Also in 1988 my brother gave me his duplicates from the original star wars sets,and I've been in the hobby ever since. I'm still trying to complete that first Bigfoot set, too. I bought a box and have up to 5 copies of several cards but I an still missing some.

  2. For me it was the 1986 Topps stickerbook. I started collecting cards the following year.

  3. My first memory of actually opening packs and collecting cards were the 1977 Topps Star Wars cards. However... there's a small chance that I had already picked up a few Hostess cards here and there, since I remember having them too. Just not sure which actually came first.

    I was definitely collecting in 1981. That's the year my parents bought me a 1981 Fleer set along with packs of Donruss and Topps. A neighbor had also given me a big box of his 1979 Topps baseball cards by then as well.

    1. I had Star Wars cards but I don't remember ever opening a pack.