Friday, June 2, 2017

One Card Post- A Marshawn Lynch Rainbow Find

Part of my birthday eBay gift card went to adding a new 2013 Topps Chrome Marshawn Lynch to my rainbow collection. I finally found one of the Blue refractors that wasn’t for an insane price or bundled with other cards. You would think that a card #/199 wouldn’t be too hard to find but for some reason these cards just do not show up very often.
With this new addition I am down to just two cards left in the rainbow, the Gold #/50 and the Red #/25 which I have never seen either of these cards. I am not chasing the Super-Fractor #1/1 or Printing Plates but if I can find a really good price I may pick up one of the error cards with Lynch on the front and Tony Gonzalez back.

What is funny is that I came across this card purely by chance too. I am slowly cutting in to my medical bills and I decided to try to make a bit more by selling my more common cards but as lots instead of one by one and I was considering selling the 11 cards from the rainbow that I have so I was checking prices and came across this card and I took it as a sign to not sell the other Lynch cards.