Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monday Question Day (On Tuesday)- Checklist Cards?

Today is question day:

If a player you collect is on a checklist do you include this in your PC collection?

Going through my collection I noticed that Ken Griffey Jr is include on quite a few checklists, both team and set, so if his image appears on the card I do include them in my Griffey PC.


  1. A checklist card like this with the dude prominently featured on the front, yeah, a shoe-in for the PC. My quandary is like team cards with group photos and you can sorta make out the dude along with everybody, but he's definitely not the focal point of the card. Sometimes I include those.

    1. The team checklists bother me too. Same with the Collector's Choice checklists, there were a couple that had like a minimal outline of Griffey. I include them in my PC but those are starting to straddle the line for me.

  2. Yes, but since I also collect checklist cards I'd need one for the PC and another for the checklist set.

  3. Yep. Or any oddball card with a prominent pc player. Like keeping a 2017 Topps Bunt code card as a Bryant card. Plus, usually if it is a player on the checklist, then it is a team checklist and I keep those for my team sets.