Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Monday Question Day (On Tuesday Again)- Prospect Much?

 Today is question day:

Are you a prospector in the sports you collect?

I have a horrible track record prospecting so I do not chase those cards. Baseball is probably the biggest prospecting sport because it can be months or years before the player makes it to the big leagues so you have to be ready to make decisions and sit on those cards.

My first attempt at prospecting was in 1993 when everyone in the LCS was picking up cards of a kid named Derek Jeter I was instead interested in Tim Salmon cards because he went to college locally at Grand Canyon University. Salmon did go on to be AL ROY in 1993 and he was part of the 2002 Angels team that won the World Series but apparently, that Jeter kid went on to something special… yes, my choice of Salmon over Jeter still burns me 24 years later.

Now I just pick up what I like but only for Seattle teams and don’t worry about future value.


  1. I love cards of prospects, but don't consider myself a prospector. I don't do it to make $$ and strike it rich. I just like following the minor leagues, and getting a jump start on future Yankees.

  2. Prospecting is too hard when every decent prospect is hyped these days and their best first-year autograph cards and especially parallels are gobbled up by prospectors looking to cash in at some point.

    My team is the Angels and I figure to get cards of any players who may play for the big league team at some point - though in a more casual way, where I have an idea of the guys coming up, but not go too crazy in buying up their cards.

  3. Guys like Sam Horn, Mike Greenwell, and Gregg Jeffries taught me to hang up my prospecting cleats decades ago.