Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Some Additions From The Great War

One of my non-sports PC collections is World War I and my cards have made many appearances on my blog, mainly my Manfred von Richthofen vintage collection. Over the years I have added some very cool cards to my collection like an engineer’s uniform relic, a machine gun unit’s blanket relic, two different signal flag relics, sketch cards and a Ghosts of WWI 3D card by Upper Deck.

My latest two pickups are welcome additions to my collection and are both from 2014 releases. The first is the 2014 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Museum Collection German field uniform relic. These cards are amazing, they are thick and very heavy duty and the relic is quite large in comparison to regular relic hits.

I got this card at a discount because the edges on both the front and back are chipped badly but I don’t care, I don’t buy cards to be graded. 

The second card is from Cult Stuff, a British card company, and is from the Cult Stuff 1914 release. The set was released in 2014 as part of a respectful celebration of the centennial of the beginning of the Great War. The set was made up of a base set, some inserts, relic cards and sketch cards. This is a clipping relic card from The War Illustrated magazine, which was printed between 1914 and 1919, to keep people in England up to date on what was happening on the battlefields in Europe. This clipping is a picture of German soldiers setting up telegraph lines and it is damaged along the bottom left corner but when you consider this clipping is close to 100 years old I will let it slide.
The clipping is not inside the card or attached to the card, it is being held in place using postage stamp mounts on the four corners. I would have preferred a die-cut window placed in the card and the clipping beneath the window or at least some sort of acetate or plastic over it. I have the card in a penny sleeve in a binder so I feel it is safe where it is for now.


  1. When the Cult Stuff set came out I couldn't afford to get it, and I will always regret that. They had planned to do a set for each year of the war but it appears they went out of business after issuing this set. Great cards!

    1. Cult Stuff is still around, they decided that the response to the 1915 set was not as good as they expected so they cancelled it. They released a number of sets last year (I believe 5 sets) and Sherlock Holmes Hounds of the Baskerville released a couple of months ago.

  2. Upper Deck did a great job with the design on that Museum Collection relic card. Cool stuff Corky!