Monday, June 12, 2017

Thank You Raz For The New Ryan Bader Additions

I want to thank Raz for his very welcomed care package last week that included a group of 2017 Ryan Bader cards that I did not have in my collection. Like my other PCs my Bader collection is on hold for now and with two Topps UFC releases this year I was falling behind on my collection.

The first two cards are from the 2017 Topps UFC Fire release, which was only available online. The set was not very large; only 50 base cards, 39 autographs and 20 Fired Up inserts. Each base card had 3 parallels in addition to the base cards and the autographs had 2 parallels in addition to the base auto.

The cards Raz sent are the base card and the Red-Hot Foil parallel #/142

The next two cards are from the 2017 Topps UFC Knockout release, which came out less than a month ago. Bader was removed from the checklist to this set because he signed with Bellator MMA in March but because most of the autographs are hard signed they had already been sent out and he signed and returned them so Topps decided to include his autograph and relic cards after all.

The first card is his Tier One autograph, these cards are amazing and right now this is one of my favorite Bader autographs that is in my collection. I just love the design of these cards and the parallels are even cooler with the card being black and signed in either copper, silver or gold ink. 

The second card is his Knockout Autographs. Topps tends to use the horizontal design with Knockout, which I like because it allows them to use images that are extended like this overhead strike from Bader’s fight against Rashad Evans. This is what his base card would have looked like if it were included in the set minus the autograph.

Again, thank you so much Raz, I really appreciate you taking the time to send me this package.

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