Thursday, June 8, 2017

Not Sure This Will Work But Worth A Try I Guess

Last night while going through eBay this auction showed up as a suggestion while I was looking through football cards. This is one of those times where you start setting up an auction but get about 30 seconds in and realize you just don’t care.

I did check the seller and I am pretty sure this was either a joke or done by accident, he has an eBay store with nearly 1,500 items currently up for auction and for the most part they are all posted in a way that includes a descriptive title and an image of the card. Makes you wonder that if someone wins what card would he send out?


  1. He would have to pay me for that can of shitty beer.

    1. IDK... for $1.14 it's almost worth it to find out. If it were a baseball card I would probably do it, but I don't have any use for football cards.

  2. Lol. Are you the one watching this listing?