Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Handle With Care

I have a couple of “glass” cards like Leaf’s Trinity Pure cards and they are cool, but they aren’t glass and not super thick. Panini has released a couple of glass cards over the past few years and I was able to add a 2016-17 Panini Absolute Glass Steve Nash to my collection.

It is thick, about 240-pts, and inside a mag case. The case is scratched, and I have considered removing it from the Panini case and putting it in to a new one, so it will display nicely. When I purchased it, I was a bit worried, I have seen some of the card arrive shattered, but the seller did a wonderful job packaging the card. He even emailed me when it showed delivered to make sure that it came in undamaged. 

It doesn’t scan very well so I went the picture route, ignore the phone reflection. If I do remove it from the case I will scan it first and post the image on TCDB.


  1. Never heard of a card made out of actual glass. Very cool.

  2. Fantastic card-but I would be too afraid to touch it.