Friday, November 30, 2018

More Martians?

Well, here it is, the first box I purchased since 2014. This 2017 Topps Mars Attacks Revenge box contains the entire set as well as a collection of parallels and hits.

I was expecting packs but instead Topps packed it out like a factory set with the base cards to the right and the parallels and hits to the left. One thing that got me wondering, why wasn’t the set packed in numerical order? The cards were in random order.

I went through the box quickly last night, I will collate the set and post what I pulled next week.


  1. Interesting. I wonder if it was just easier to pack based on how they came off the cutting press. Interested to see what you got.

  2. Never understood why Topps doesn't take the time to collate their factory sets. I guess they want the collector to experience the joy of building a set.

  3. Nice purchase, but I don't get the out of order packing either.

    I also look forward to seeing them.