Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Art Gallery- 2015 Island Dreams Prohibition Pretties

This month’s Art Gallery display is from Pierre Beauchemin, who also does work under the name “Niceroad”. He is a freelance artist that does portrait work usually, but for this set he went with an action shot. 

The card is from the 2015 Island Dreams Prohibition Pretties release, a set based on the 1920s with lots of gangsters and flappers. Who doesn’t love a running gun battle between cops and some bootleggers? I watched this card for awhile and went back and forth on it but the gangsters won me over.


  1. I know nothing about art... but I really like the way Beauchemin drew/painted this card.

  2. I can see why you were so drawn (pun not intended) to this card, it really is quite fetching. On a somewhat related note, are you going to try and get some more of your sketches into the 2019 set?

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