Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Once Again I Give You JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell has his name in the news again after getting arrested yesterday in Mobile, Alabama for possession of a controlled substance, supposedly codeine syrup without a prescription. When you consider some other professional athletes have returned to the field/court after making bigger mistakes and even doing prison time, this is not something that can be overcome. The problem is that Russell is known for his laziness and lack of commitment on the field. That is something that will not be overlooked by most teams not to mention collectors. It makes me wonder if any team will actually pick him up even as a 3rd stringer or practice squad.

Doing a quick search of the bay and you can find around 1,700 JaMarcus Russell cards, scan through the pages and you will find no more then 6-8 total bids out of all of those auctions. You can get rookie cards for under a buck and most jersey and autograph cards are realistically posted under $5 each. You almost feel sorry for the people that were dropping hundreds of dollars on his cards back in 2007, sadly enough there are people still posting his 2007 Finest and Exquisite autographs up for auction at prices that they were selling for 3 years ago.

A true tale of caution for collectors, ability will always work out better then draft position.

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  1. He got Ryan Leaf beat big time. The worst draft bust of all time and the quickest to get in trouble with the law. It took Leaf a decade before finding himself in trouble. JaMarcus beat that in a quick two months after being released. If there's a poster boy why there should be a rookie salary cap its JaMarcus Russell.

    Speaking of 2007 it was last time I collected football cards. I got sick of suppose big hits and fizzled out bad. 2007 becoming the worst draft of the decade with JaMarcus, Quinn, and Ginn.