Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Packs- 2010 Score Football

I picked up a couple of random packs recently; tonight’s cards are from the 2010 Score Football release. For being a low end base set this is actually a decent quality card. Panini has something with paint splotches, which normally bother me but honestly in a low end set it does not bother me.

The inserts are pretty basic, again what you would expect from a low-end release. For the low price that you pay you actually get a decent selection of cards and inserts that are fun. I guess I can not really complain when I pull a Sam Bradford rookie card too.


  1. I like the big head inserts this year. They're pretty cool. Pulling a Bradford is pretty cool too.

  2. They sell 52 card jumbo packs for $4.98 at Walmart - The cards have no gloss and the card stock is sturdier and thicker than Topps or Bowman - Maybe a tad too many inserts (But who doesnt)- It is just a great set to collect.