Friday, August 27, 2010

Stephen Strasburg Meet Tommy John...

It is time to see how the fair weather collectors will react to the latest news out of the Washington Nationals organization. Super star pitcher Stephen Strasburg has torn a ligament in his elbow and will most likely require Tommy John surgery. This means that Strasburg is gone for the season and quite possibly will miss next season too.

While pitchers have been known to return to top form following the surgery, including Tommy John and Chris Carpenter, this news will put a quick snuff on the band wagon collectors who jumped in to the hobby following the news of the high dollar Stras card bonanza. It is unfortunate that he got hurt but his cards were drawing in people who were only here to make a buck, many of them had little concern for the health of the hobby or the collectors who came before them. I honestly was concerned that as a true collector that I would eventually be priced right out of the hobby.

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