Monday, August 23, 2010

Young Fireballer Phenom

As the 2010 Little League World Series gets up to full steam and teams from around the world via for those final spots to make an appearance in Williamsport, Pennsylvania the biggest news to come from the sport actually makes it’s way from Florida.

13-year old Chelsea Baker, a pitching student of the late Joe Niekro, has been blowing through batters for the last 4 seasons. She actually has a perfect record over those four years and the latest news? Two perfect games and for this she is being recognized by the Baseball hall of Fame, where one of her “perfect game” jerseys will be on display.

She is already hitting the mid-60s on her fastball and has a wicked knuckler; she has hopes of continuing baseball for as long as she can.

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  1. I saw a video of her on some news site. She was making the boys cry. Good luck to her.