Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UD Releases Special Edition Thierry Henry Card

After the World Cup finished in July a number of international stars made their way to the US shores and signed on with MLS teams, but none were bigger then Frenchmen (and former Arsenal star) Thierry Henry signing with the New York Red Bulls.

Since Upper Deck released the 2010 MLS set in May the newest acquisitions are not in the set, not wanting to wait until the 2011 release Upper Deck has created a special edition card of Henry that collectors can get free when they order 2 blaster boxes from Upper Decks store. So for $40 you get two 20-pack blasters and the Thierry Henry card, so not a bad deal for MLS collectors looking to add a special edition card to their collection.

The offer is new so there are no cards up for auction yet, but if you are looking to add to Henry to your collection now you can find some pretty sweet Futera cards including jersey cards going for under $50 each.

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