Sunday, January 9, 2011

How About Those Seahawks?

I had a post written up and ready for posting this afternoon, which was until I got to sit down and watch my Seahawks pull out a completely unexpected win over the reigning Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

Honestly I was expecting to see the final game of the season for the Seahawks as they sputtered with the occasional highlight that would leave me smiling as I walked away saying “Just wait until next season” but instead with my house filled with visiting relatives (all from Seattle) we got to see more then the occasional highlight as Matt Hasselbeck showed glimpses of his 2005 self, Mike Williams continued to show that he truly is worthy of being in the NFL after not playing a game since 2007 and Marshawn Lynch clinched the game with a career-long 67 yard TD run.

How insane was Lynch’s 67-yard run? After making his way through 8 arm tackles and pushing Saints CB Tracy Porter off like he was a beggar child he danced in to the end zone to seal the win for the Seahawks.


  1. That was easily the run of the year. Just plain nasty.

  2. LOVED that game last night! Hasselbeck looked great. It's nice seeing good play out of a QB.

  3. That run was insane. When lynch pushed that defender away near the sideline. I was like "he's going all the way!" How insane were Hasselbacks TD passes. Is it me or did it look like he threw them like you did as a kid playing hail mary? Just chuck the ball way up and hope your receiver catches it.

  4. That game was awesome! Obviously... Lynch is getting most of the press... and rightfully so. That run will be run in Seahawks' highlight films for eternity. But I'm glad you wrote about Hasselbeck... can you believe how "on" he was? He was about as good as I've ever seen him play. I'm not sure how much further they'll go... but they've gone way above and beyond my expectations as a Seahawks fan. Go Hawks!