Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vince Young, Step In To My Office

In 2006 many fans were surprised when Tennessee selected Vince Young with the #3 pick in the NFL Draft, 7 slots before Matt Leinart who many assumed would be one of the first 2 or 3 picks that year. Given Young had just won the NCAA National Championship over Leinart’s USC Trojans but there were many questions about him including his Wonderlic Test score (rumored to have been a record low of 6/50), his leadership skills, organization skills and his work ethics.

After 5 seasons with the Titans, team owner Bud Adams has decided to sever ties with Vince Young. With Young being “fired” you have to wonder if he will pick up with another team next year, barring lockout. Will he follow another Top 10 Draft Pick failure party boy Matt Leinart and sit quietly in the #3 role or will he be out of football all together?

Even being picked #3 in the draft ahead of Leinart, Jay Cutler, Joseph Adai, Maurice Jones-Drew and Brandon Marshall, he was never a collectors dream. He didn’t seem to garner the attention that those other players received and his cards never really sold at the levels of Leinart's cards. I find it funny and sad that some people are still posting his 2006 Exquisite Auto-Patch #/99 for $3,500, even his Gold Exquisite 1/1 graded PSA 10 would be a stretch at the $2,400 asking price. There are some very interesting Vince Young offerings up for bid right now, but you will notice that not one card over $75 even has a bid and there is a reason for that… his work ethic of course being unemployed does not help.

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