Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leaf Muhammad Ali

Late last year Leaf announced that they would be releasing a set dedicated to Muhammad Ali, not much information was made available besides a potential release in the Fall of 2010. A recent press release has updated that to a February 2011 release, along with the announcement they also included a couple of preview images of three autograph-relic cards. Every autograph card in the set is on-card. No price point has been announced yet.

Each box will contain:

4 Base cards

1 Muhammad Ali “hit”

2 Related autograph cards (from other personalities not Ali)

Leaf describes the Ali hits as “A hit can include one of the 50 1/1 autograph/fight-used cards, fight-worn memorabilia, a cut signature or a 1/1 plate.” The other on-card autograph cards are of opponents, fans or associates of Muhammad Ali including Donald Trump, Magic Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Roy Jones Jr. and Joe Frazier.

I like the idea of a Ali set, he deserves the recognition and I know Leaf and Brian Gray are working to give the fans a good product but I am not sure how I feel about the cards right now. I can tell from the images that these are just mockups and not the real cards so I am left wondering if this is just a teaser image to draw interest or the final design. I do like the cards design, it seems to work well here, but the images used seem cheesy and the soft edge cutouts do not do them any justice.


  1. As a boxing fan I would love to get some of these but sadly I know the pricetag is going to be way to high for me.

  2. any word on the official release date??? thx

  3. The most recent update is that it should be released by next month (February).