Friday, January 7, 2011

Time To Reconsider?

Before Andrew Luck stated that he planned on returning to Stanford and would not declare himself eligible for the NFL Draft there was the question on whether Luck and Harbaugh would go as a package deal. With the Carolina Panthers looking for a head coach and with the team holding the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft most people probably assumed that the Luck/Harbaugh team would continue their relationship in Panther Blue but now you have to wonder if they will continue together but instead of wearing Panther Blue they will be wearing 49ers Metallic Gold.

The 49ers now have the first piece of the puzzle with Harbaugh and considering that they need a reliable QB it is conceivable that the team may try to work a deal with Carolina to trade for the #1 pick. Now if Andrew Luck reverses his decision, he has until January 15th, and declares for the NFL Draft we may actually see this card after all.

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  1. Jerry Richardson (Panthers owner) said they wouldn't deal the #1 pick...but that was before Luck said he was staying @ Stanford. Things ought to be interesting here in Carolina in the coming weeks/months.