Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EA Sports Madden NFL 12 And Marshall Faulk

Marshall Faulk On-card Auto Version 1

Inserting cards in to video game packaging is not new, in the 90s we saw Ken Griffey Jr. cards inserted in to boxes of SNES Ken Griffey Presents and SNES Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run, but it is an interesting cross over because many collectors are still young at heart and we are often drawn to video games so it is a logical decision.

Marshall Faulk On-card Auto Version 2

Recently digital cards have taken the place of actual cards but this year EA Sports and Panini have collaborated to insert one of four different on-card autographed Marshall Faulk cards in to every box of Madden NFL 12 Hall of Fame Edition. Plus two redemptions (1 in an Xbox 360 version and 1 in a PS3 version) will be inserted for an 18k gold version of a Marshall Faulk card in the continuation of Panini’s Golden Ticket series. There will also be digital cards included containing 13 NFL Hall of Famers and former Madden Football cover players including Barry Sanders, Shaun Alexander and Larry Fitzgerald.

Marshall Faulk On-card Auto Version 3

The  Madden NFL 12 Hall of Fame version is limited to 125,000 copies (not sure if that includes both Xbox 360 and PS3 or if that is each system) and costs a whopping $89.99. I was thinking that with each video game including an autograph Faulk card that must have taken some serious time for Faulk to sign all 125,000 copies. That would mean that there are a little over 31,000 of each of the 4 versions autographed (31,250 to be exact based on the 125,000 total copies). Currently Faulk autographs are running in the $10-20 range I wonder with 125,000 new Faulk autographs hitting the market if those prices will fall even lower.

Marshall Faulk On-card Auto Version 4
I am not really a fan of the fourth one, it just looks like a golden version of the third image. I for some reason like the first one, the Score style just shouts EA Sports. The second and third versions do have some appeal to them too.

Shaun Alexander Digital Card

Larry Fitzgerald Digital Card

Barry Sanders Digital Card


  1. the forth card is actually 18k gold so you should be a fan of it lol they put only 1 for xbox and 1 for ps3

  2. I don't think the fourth is gold, that's the one i got. He posted that the gold ones are redeemable.

  3. I got this game for free with my paid subscription to Sports Illustrated..still wasn't worth it....I played the game for less than a week and traded it in...too repetitive and unrealistic...a total letdown. Bring on NFL 2k13!

  4. According to Faulk's Twitter feed, he signed a quarter of a million of these, so it's 125K per platform. He said that he took cards to sign wherever he went, and that it took him months to complete the job.

    That also doesn't take into account the regular-sized cards he signed for last year's Black Friday packs, as well as apparently some other stragglers that are embossed to commemorate other things.