Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shredded Cut Signatures Need To Go Away

2011 SP Legendary Cuts Traynor cut signature

Tonight while trolling the Upper Deck blog I read the story about the recently released 2011 SP Legendary Cuts product and the Pie Traynor cut signature caught my attention. I am just amazed at the ability that someone was able to hack in to this signature with a chainsaw and still be able to make a card out of it.

2005 SP Legendary Cuts Traynor cut signature
Compare the 2011 version to a 2005 version, there is no question as to which card most collectors would want. I realize that companies put out big money to purchase authentic autographs to use in these sets but when a signature is going to be mangled to make it work maybe the best decision is to remove the player from the set all together.

Back in 2008 Upper Deck put a mangled up Jackie Robinson cut signature in the 2008 SP Legendary Cuts product so this is an on-going problem. I know collectors like pulling big name/high dollar cuts but this is just ugly. Don't collectors deserve better?

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Robinson cut signature

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  1. I think these hacked up cut autographs are ugly. Some crazy amorphous blob trimming in a rectangular window isn't attractive. I'd much rather see some of the context around the signature. Maybe there's some text from a contract, or a check, maybe it's part of a letter he wrote somebody. The 2011 Traynor looks like a check, and the Jackie looks like it was just signed on a piece of notebook paper. Unless there are several other signatures around that cut that you are trying to save for other cut sig cards, just make it a rectangle and let us see where it came from.