Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Night of Wrestling

My wife called me this afternoon (well Tuesday afternoon now that it is Wednesday morning) and told me that she had a surprise and to get our nephew ready to go out. She gets home carrying a bag with a pint-sized WWE t-shirt for our nephew and tells me that she was given 3 tickets to the WWE Smackdown tonight in Phoenix (They tape 2 Smackdown shows on Tuesday and Wednesday and then edit them together and show them on Friday nights). Remember, she is in a position where she deals with many travelers who come in to town for training and she will set up for outings and events and as a perk she will be given tickets to local events on occasion.

 So we hop the metro rail and head downtown, get in to US Airways Arena and are escorted to a private escalator heading up to the corporate suites. We were totally surprised when the lady at the door asked us to come with her (we snuck in water bottles and thought we got caught) but apparently this is just a service they offer to people in suites. So we ended up in the corporate suite overlooking the ring with amazing views; a private waiter, private bathroom, big screen plasma tv, leather seats... it was a trip of a lifetime. I honestly never expected to ever be able to sit in one of these suites so it was a treat for us all.

 I will post up pictures of the matches including two matches for both Randy Orton and Christen, a surprise visit from Sheamus (my favorite wrestler) and a sweet picture of Kane and the exploding cornern ring posts.

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