Wednesday, June 29, 2011


WARNING: This post contains spoilers for WWE Friday Night Smackdown which will air Friday July 1, 2011

But, if you don't mind finding out how the matches go keep reading.

The night of wrestling started with some NXT matches and then some Superstar matches before getting to Smackdown. There was a women’s match followed by a 6-man match which showcased the Usos against the guys who used to be part of NXT.

The matches really started with a championship match between Randy Orton and Mark Henry with Randy Orton winning by count-out after Christen sabotaged the match by playing the Big Show’s entry music. I guess Mark Henry and The Big Show have an issue and it was enough to draw the World’s Strongest Man’s attention away from the ring long enough for the ref to hit a 10-count.

Then came Daniel Bryant and Ted DiBiase Jr with Bryant winning by submission when he placed DiBiase in a to a triangle choke hold.

 After some talking with General Manager Teddy Long in the back about having a title shot Christen is instead forced to fight Sin Cara and only if he won would he have a title shot. So Christen takes on Sin Cara and after a wonderful visual match with this amazingly athletic Mexican Luchador, Christen closes out the match with a pin.

 A little intermission followed by Kane vs Wade Barrett. I was hoping to catch Kane’s entrance where he makes the ring explode with fire and I was quick enough to get a good picture. Kane went on to win the match.

With Christen winning his match against Sin Cera and Randy Orton winning his match against the #1 Contender Mark Henry, Christen demanded that the agreement get signed giving him a title shot against Orton so out comes the table, lawyers, Teddy Long and the whole shebang to get both wrestlers to sign the agreement.
 Doesn't Christen's lawyer look the The Ragin' Cajun Jim Carville?

So the contract gets signed by both wrestlers when out comes Sheamus, my favorite current wrestler, and upends everything, tears up the contract and then lays a beating on both Randy Orton and Christen and then walks away leaving the ring in shambles.

So everything gets cleaned up and Teddy Long decides that Orton and Christen should just "Get it on" and makes them wrestle for the title belt right there in a "Street Fight" rules match.

 Christen grabs the belt and starts to run away with it, and I find it funny that people were calling out "Randy he is running away with the belt" like Orton would hear them and run after Christen. So Orton grabs Christen and brings him back to the ring.

The match goes back and forth with each wrestler using the belt to conk the other wrestler on the head before Orton lays out Christen for the win and retains the World Heavyweight Championship Belt.

Afterwards Randy Orton went around the ring talking to fans, which I thought was pretty nice of him to do. He spent a good 10 minutes talking to people and shaking hands.

Considering this will probably be my only visit to a corporate suite we took some pictures around the room.

It was a fun night and a nice going away present for our nephew who is going back to live with his dad after a year with us. I told my wife that if UFC, Strikeforce or WEC comes to Phoenix I will personally go to her office and beg the person who selects who gets the tickets for the corporate suite.

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