Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 TriStar TNA Reflexxions Hits The Shelf

In the latest TNA release Tristar has gone a different direction in comparison to previous sets, instead of using action shots for the base set Tristar has decided to go with staged/studio shots for a majority of the base cards for the Reflexxions release. There are only 240 total boxes made and you will see plenty of limited numbered parallels. I watched 8-10 box breaks and saw quite a few 1/1, #/10 or #/25 pulled from the boxes. Also it appears that at least one of the two top packs (left side and right side) will always include an auto or memorabilia hit and in a few boxes I saw both top packs produce hits.
Each 20-pack box will run $70-80 and contains 7 hits including 3 autographs, 1 Event-used autographed Mat Relic card or memorabilia card, 1 foil card and 2 parallel cards. The 99 card base set is broken down in to a “Base” set and 5 sub-sets, each based on a theme. The sub-sets: “Ultimate Sunday”, a football theme; “Fast Traxx”, a car theme; “Be My Valentine”, TNA Knockouts; “Steiner’s World”, Scott Steiner’s review of wrestlers and “Lending A Hand”, a set about wrestler’s charity work. I think this is an interesting route and it introduces collectors to the wrestlers more than just their personas.
The foil cards consist of both foil and artwork cards, the foil are just foiled versions of the base cards and are numbered #/40 or less and the art cards are based on Jeff Hardy’s original artwork. There are also redemption cards for the original artwork created by Hardy.
The autograph checklist is pretty solid and includes the main-stays of TNA like Hogan, Sting and Flair, new wrestlers and up-and-comers along with the TNA Knockouts. Eric Bischoff is included on the list, along with his son Garrett too, apparently this is one of Eric’s first autographs. There are also dual, triple, quad and six-signed autograph cards and all autographs are numbered to #/99 or less. The downside is that besides the autographed Ring Mat cards all autographs are sticker autos.
Tristar included Event-used ring mat autograph cards for the first time and these seem to be drawing some pretty good attention. If you do not pull an autographed Ring Mat card then you will pull an Event-worn memorabilia card and to make it even cooler, all single memorabilia cards are autographed. There are also dual, triple and quad memorabilia cards too. I like that Tristar actually has the checklist on their web site that actually lists the checklist showing where the specific memorabilia item came from or when it was worn. For example, Hulk Hogan’s black t-shirt pieces came from the shirt he wore at 1st Impact in 2010, Rob Van Dam’s t-shirt came from the 2011 Bound for Glory (where he beat Jerry Lynn).

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