Sunday, January 1, 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation Series Two Coming Soon

Every so often I need to engage my inner-geekdom and focus on a non-sports card set. 

Last July Rittenhouse Archives released Star Trek TNG Series One which contained 88 base cards with each card depicting an episode from the shows first 4 years (1987-1991). Series Two picks up where Series One left off and contains 88 base cards with each card depicting the 88 episodes from 1991-1994. Additionally each box will contain 4 autographs plus a random selection of inserts including 90 Parallel Base cards, 18 Tribute cards, 9 Best of the Holodeck cards, 9 U.S.S. Enterprise cards and 5 Communicator Pin cards. Series Two is set for a February 15, 2012 release and will run $84/box.

Because Series One autographs contained the major characters Rittenhouse had to dig a bit deeper in to the archives to find note-worthy signers. Along with Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) and Colm Meaney (Chief O’Brien) we will also see Denise Crosby (Lt Yar) and Ashley Judd and Kelsey Grammer. The major hit from this release is a James Doohan Cut-Signature card (Series One included a Gene Roddenberry Cut-Signature card).

I love the incentive cards too; when you purchase 3 cases you get an exclusive Brent Spiner autograph card, not as Data but instead as Dr. Soong. When you purchase 6 cases you get a Leonard Nimoy autograph card.

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  1. Loved Star Trek TNG, but I'm not a fan of the three photo base cards. Although, I wouldn't mind pulling an Ashley Judd autograph.