Monday, January 2, 2012

Leaf Metal Draft Football Test Proofs

A little over a week ago Leaf announced that they were going to be releasing test proofs from the 2011 Leaf Metal Draft Pick football set, a set that includes the top picks from the 2011 NFL Draft. The test proofs were used to test different types of technologies so Leaf could see the best “metal” route to take with the set and potential future uses.

The listings include cards from the 4 different metal tests; Brushed Metal, Rust Metal, White Metal and Hybrid Metal (Which used both White and Rust Metal on the card) and each card is clearly marked “TEST PROOF” across the front and serial numbered on the back.

Brushed Metal- The cards contain a brushed on metal finish

Rust Metal- The cards have “rust” like appearance

White Metal- The cards are white metal

Hybrid- The cards contain both the rust and white metal finish. The interesting thing about the Hybrid cards are that they do not all have the same finish; some have more rust or white.

Currently the only cards up for auction are being sold directly by Leaf with the most expensive being the Cam Newton Brushed Metal #/11 with a $39.99 BIN price.

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