Thursday, January 12, 2012

eBay Toads- Sammy Sosa Would Not Even Buy This Card

I am at a loss for words. This auction for a 1990 Topps Sammy Sosa card has to be listed in the “Are You Fu**ing Insane?” category.

To make things worse he lists it in a way that would make you think that it is a graded card and even listing subgrades when it is obviously not graded.

But wait… there is more…

A 1990 ToppsTiffany Sammy Sosa

A 1990 Topps Frank Thomas

A 1992 Topps Draft Pick Derek Jeter

I honestly do not know if this is someone who is so oblivious to the market or is an eBay toad hoping to catch that one juicy buyer who is ignorant of pricing for these cards. He has a zero feedback and registered just a few days ago.

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