Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012 Topps Magic Football Is Now Live

Topps Magic Football was released today through retail stores (Hobby boxes come out next week) and some of the cards are beginning to show up on eBay. The most noticeable postings come from the relic Gridiron Coins and Historical Coins sets, #/10 and #/25 respectively, they are being posted up for some big bucks though they do not seem to be getting much attention from the bidders. The Gridiron Coins contain a quarter from the state quarter set that matches the player’s team location.
 I know they are limited but does a state quarter inserted in to a player's card really demand $100+? Now if the coin came out of their pocket and signed by the player and then inserted in to a card I could see some value but a quarter out of a $10 roll in the Topps headquarters does not warrant this type of price.
The Historical Coins contain a Buffalo nickel, minted between 1912 and 1938, with the card depicting a historical event or figure so there is a Babe Ruth card, a card announcing Life Magazine’s first publication and so on. At least with the Buffalo nickel the coin has more value than its original minting price, though not by much.
The one highlight that has shown up has been this guy…
Colin Kaepernick

His autographs are running the tables right now, there are currently 9 of his autographs up for auction and besides a couple that are newly listed the rest are sitting around $100 and they all have multiple bids. Imagine the asking prices had he led the team back from 22 points down and won the championship.
There are some cool cards in the set including multiple Luck, RG3 and Wilson cards; Alfred Morris has an auto in the set, nice looking patches plus a triple-autograph of the Top 3 2012 NFL Draft Picks (Luck, RG3 and Richardson). I used to be a fan of Magic but since Topps has went to the fluorescent/day glow colors I have lost interest.  
Here are some of the highlights that can be pulled from the set.


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