Monday, February 11, 2013

What Is In Store For 2013 Leaf Metal Draft Football?

In a couple of weeks Leaf will be releasing 2013 Metal Draft Football followed by 2013 Leaf Valiant Football about a week later. Leaf leads the market with pre-draft football sets, which tend to do well on the secondary market, at least until licensed sets come out after the Rookie Premier.
This post will cover Metal Draft which is set to be released on March 14th. Each $80 pack will include 5 on-card autographs, an increase from last year’s 3 cards per pack. This year Leaf has also chosen to build the checklist around skill players, mainly quarterback, running back and wide receivers. The entire set is autographs and every autograph is on-card.
The base autographs will be the most common cards pulled, each base card will also have a couple of parallels. In the sales materials Leaf shows 4 parallels (Red, Green, Purple and what appears to be a Gold version). If the numbering is similar to last year; Red #/5, Green #/10, Purple #/25 and I am guessing the Gold may be 1/1.

The inserts:
State Pride: A flag themed card depicting the state flag where the player went to college
Future Stars: A die-cut card in the shape of a crystal ball
All-Americans: The top college players of the year
Leaf Metal US Army: Like previous years, this insert will focus on the high school players in the annual US Army game.
“Surprise” Redemption: Leaf is including a surprise card that they are not announcing yet, the sales materials say “A card too big for the industry” and “A card too big too picture”. I am not sure what to expect here, Brian Gray has come up with some very cool cards in the past.

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