Monday, February 25, 2013

A Random Rack Pack 2012 Topps Magic Football

I decided to pick up some football cards just for the heck of it to have a variety in between my baseball and basketball pack ripping. A jumbo rack pack 2012 Topps Magic Football and a blaster of Topps Strata Football.
I will start with the Magic Football rack pack, which came with three packs with each pack containing 5 base cards and a mini card. The rack pack also includes 3 retail-exclusive blue parallel mini cards.
The design is the standard animation-style Magic card, a nice action card along with team logo, conference, player name and position. I do like the simplistic design, I think Topps is keeping a simple design to highlight the player and it really works. The backs are similar to previous years with player bio and each player has a “Magical Memoranda” which includes some player trivia.
I did not pull anything magical (pun), only one Seahawk and no Cardinals. I lead off with the undrafted Jermaine Kearse; his 7 receptions for 31 yards may not even keep him on the roster next year. LaMichael James was about the BIGGEST name I pulled, and while he only got in to 4 regular season games (in an over-crowded 49ers backfield) he ended up playing in 7 games, counting the final 4 games of the season and 3 playoff games, with 809 yards of total offense and a touchdown. Sadly his 2012 performance may be best surmised with the fumble in the Super Bowl. We will definitely see more of him next season.
I was lucky enough to pull the card of future Hall of Famer Titus Young. In 2012 this head case had three team incidents  resulting with 3 suspensions and instead of shutting his mouth he decided to turn to Twitter to air his grievances and demand his release. Detroit granted him the release, St Louis took a chance and signed him but within 7 days the Rams cut him and now he has cleared waivers and no team has shown any interest since he was released. Way to talk your way out of a pay check there Mr. Young.
The mini cards are just like the base cards… just cuter. The blue parallels are a retail exclusive parallel.
A couple of inserts;
I pulled two Supernatural Stars, Manning and Mike Wallace
Finally closing with a Charismatic Combo

I do not expect to pick up any more packs of Magic, they are ok but I just don't feel the urge to collect the set. I will try to get through organizing the Strata packs and scan them tonight so I can do a write up tomorrow.

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