Friday, November 15, 2013

Cork It!

So Manny Ramirez’s Pacific Invincible corked bat card has shown up on eBay again, this time with a $5,000 BIN/BO price. I remember when this card first showed up in 2000 and I thought it was insane going for like $500, shows how wrong I was on that one. This card is a legend, even if it is for the wrong reason, and it makes a bigger splash each time it appears.
I came across this Reggie Jackson Sweet Spot corked bat card for a $660 BIN price. I don’t remember hearing about this card before, is it something that I just missed, is it just showing up now or is it just a complete fake?
Even more questions come from a receipt that the seller included in the auction, there is a receipt from (or to) a wood shop dated March 2001 describing the card. Does this mean that the card was bought/sold in 2001 or does it mean that the wood shop made the corked piece that someone fraudulently inserted in to the card after it was pulled from a pack?

Does anyone know anything about this Reggie Jackson card?

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