Sunday, November 3, 2013

Foles To... Well Just About Everyone!

Holy crap, it is amazing what an insane output in a game will do for a players card prices. Yesterday I was writing up my post that I planned on posting tomorrow where I was going to highlight a couple of Nick Foles cards that I just picked up to add to my University of Arizona personal collection. I had even pointed out that with the way things were going for Philly Foles’ card prices had finally begun to level out to a realistic price point.
He went in to today’s game against the Raiders with only 90 pass attempts for 622 yards and 6 TDs-0 INTs, which gave him a 101.3 QB Rating.  This was a game where the Raiders were favored by 3 points, Foles was just supposed to play his best while Vick rested up his hamstring but instead Foles went freaking loco on the Raiders defense. He ended going 22-28 for 406 yards, a record tying 7 TD passes and a perfect 158.3 QB rating.
While I am extremely happy for his great game, I am disappointed because I was just looking forward to adding some more of his cards to my collection and now the prices are on the way up again. As much as I hate to say it, I don’t expect to see his stat lines looking like this too often, this was a once in a lifetime game for him but at least he can be proud of the record that he earned.

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