Monday, November 4, 2013

Recent Nick Foles Pickups

This post is a continuation from yesterday's post, I actually had this written up over the weekend and planned on posting it today but that was before Foles exploded on the Raiders. With his prices rising, it doesn't look like I will be adding any of his cards to my collection for awhile.

A couple of new additions to my University of Arizona personal collection, a duo of Nick Foles autographs. I am not a fan of the Eagles, I was born in New York and my dad is a Giants fan (though I am not a Giants fan) so it is kind of inherent to dislike the Eagles.
First up is this on-card Courage autograph from 2012 Topps Valor Football. I really like the Valor Football cards, they are on a solid card stock with a high-end look to them with on-card autographs. I picked up the redemption for this card in September. It only took three weeks to get this card from Topps, talk about a surprise.
The second card I bought last week and is from Upper Deck’s 2012 Fleer Retro Football, it is based on the 1999-00 Skybox Basketball Autographcs insert. I prefer his Upper Deck and Leaf cards because they depict him in his Arizona uniform.
It cost me $8.75 for both of these cards, around $11 with shipping. I just checked out some auctions, the same cards are now selling between $8-12 (lowest bids) with time left on the auctions. Hopefully his prices will drop back from the atmosphere, I am hoping that the price jump was from the wagon jumpers looking to make a quick buck after an amazing game only.

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