Thursday, December 19, 2013

Do You Damage?

I have been wondering where other collectors stand on card damage. When it comes to a card that you are interested in adding to your collection, at what point do you disqualify a damaged card from your consideration?

Understandably there would be leniency for certain cards based on the age of the card or certain releases, an 1887 Allen & Ginters would obviously be viewed differently than a 2013 Topps Allen & Ginters card. When we talk about most modern releases we expect a perfect example to come out of the pack but if you were looking at a rare or limited card would you consider a lesser graded card just so you can add it to your collection?
Consider these two examples of T206 Ty Cobb (Green portrait)
PSA 7= $36,000
Ungraded damaged version= $550

Do damaged cards, worn cards or aged cards have a place in your collection?



Torn/Paper Missing

Bent Corner


Relic Missing

Pen or Pencil Marks

Pin Hole

Tape Stain

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  1. I started a damaged card pc and have a whole binder dedicated to the project... so "yeah" I guess you can say they have a place in my collection. However... I don't actively try to add cards to that PC. Most of the additions come from COMC purchases or are donated to me by other collectors.