Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sellers With High Shipping Fees

You know what really grinds my gears?


Finding the card you have been looking for at the right price and then see that the seller has an insane shipping cost that just blows the whole deal.
I visit eBay often searching for cards to add to my collection. I am a tightwad so I take every aspect of the auction in to consideration before making a purchase. I want the right card for the right price so when I come across someone who sells a card but tosses in a $6.00 shipping it irritates me. I know I don’t have to purchase the cards, which I don’t, but I just don’t get it. The only thing I can figure is that they are trying to make more money off of the shipping without increasing the price of the card.
If it is an international seller I can understand the reason for a higher price shipping. I have gotten cards from Europe and Asia and $4-6 is a reasonable international shipping cost but when we are talking about a seller in New York shipping within the U.S. using standard shipping it is insane.
I have been selling cards regularly over the last few months and I stick with $2.50 shipping on everything, which covers the $1.93 postage charge for a 3oz envelope, the .50 cents for the padded envelope and then a .07 cents for additional supplies (rigid top loader, penny sleeve, team bag, etc.).


  1. I would like to hear sellers justification for such high shipping costs. Really no reason at all for shipping to be over $3.

  2. The insane shipping fees steam me also. I have noticed that some of the sellers with the insane shipping costs use the regular auction style listing so they can list the starting bid price at 99 cents and hope the card gets a lot of bid. With a Buy It Now (BIN) listing style there is no chance of getting more than what you list it for no chance of a "bidding war". High shipping prices on listing is against the Ebay Rules.

    I agree with Matthew Scott about shipping not over $3. Unless you are buying about a dozen different cards even then OK $6 for several cards several auctions from same seller is OK. When you get up to $10 or more Uh-Uh NO WAY.

    What gets me even more steamed are the sellers who have the decent shipping costs of $3 or less and a great BIN listing price for the card, but when you get the card they sent it in a PWE using only the 49cents or however much stamps are now.

    Either way NOT Cool.

    1. That is irritating when they charge you for a padded mailer and send it in a PWE.