Friday, February 6, 2015

Quick Peek: 2015 Topps Star Wars Masterwork

*EDIT- A "Thank you" to Sooz, from Cardboard Problem and Topps, she left a comment with a link to Topps Star Wars Facebook which includes the checklist for Masterwork along with some very cool preview images. Here is the Topps Star Wars link

Once again Topps is turning to Star Wars, the first of 5 Star Wars releases this year, but this time going high-end with their 2015 Star Wars Masterwork release scheduled for a mid-February release. Each $250-275 box will include 4 packs for a total of 20 cards. Each box will include an on-card autograph, a sketch card and two other “Premium” inserts (read this as manufactured relics).

There are some positives like autographs of the main characters including Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, multi-signature autograph booklets, limited sketch cards and movie prop and costume relics. But like your typical Topps release there are plenty of parallels (4 per base card while inserts have 6 parallels each.) and no matter how “Groundbreaking” Clay Luraschi claims it to be manufactured relics are not “taking collectability to new heights”. Some of the manufactured relics include stamps and weapon medallions plus for some reason they decided to create autograph cards that contains a fragment of the pen used to sign the cards. I don’t know why anyone would want a cool autograph with the nib of a pen attached.

In the end this is the type of product where you leave others to pay the upfront price of the box and instead hunt down the singles that interest you when they begin to flood the secondary market. I love Star Wars releases and I am sure that even at such a high price point people will still purchase boxes I think companies are definitely going about creating value the wrong way when they insert fake relics and autographs of Background Stormtrooper #2 in to a product like this.


Defining Moments base, Rainbow Foil parallel #/299, Metal parallel #/10 & Gold parallel #1/1


Manufactured relics



  1. FYI, they have posted a ton of card images on their Facebook page and a checklist for this set.

  2. Those stamps are genuine US postage stamps from right around the turn of the decade, not manufactured by Topps.

    I like the concept of putting parts of the pens into the cards. That's truly unique and the first time it's ever been done to my knowledge.

    I don't do highend so I will probably never see any of these in person (no way I'm spending $250 for 10 cards).

    1. True the stamps are not manufactured but they are definitely not the type of "hit" you would want to pull from a high end product. When you spend $250 on a box you want the hits to be something special not a stamp or medallion. Only autographs, sketch cards, prop cards and costume cards should go in to a box like this.

      I am hoping to pick up some of the bunker wall prop cards after prices hopefully drop, they are too high right now. The shadowbox sketch cards are very cool too.