Friday, July 24, 2015

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

Sometime last year I finally realized that when hunting down Griffey cards from a specific set or insert I like to watch the price of the complete set compared to the individual cards. You wouldn’t think about it but sometimes it is cheaper to get an entire set just for a single card. It may not be a ton of money saved but when you consider you are getting more cards for the same or similar price it kind of makes sense.

In just the last two weeks I have picked up 42 cards for close to what it would have cost me to purchase just the two cards that I wanted from these specific sets.
First card I was hunting is the 2000 Topps Tek Dramatek Performers Griffey #DP3 card. The lowest current price for the Griffey card is $3 BIN plus $3 shipping but I was able to pick up the entire 9-card insert set for $3.58 plus $2.22 shipping for a $0.20 savings plus 8 additional cards.

The second card I was looking for is the 1989 Topps Toys R Us Rookies Jay Buhner #5 card. The lowest price is a $2.50 BIN with free shipping. I was able to pick up the entire 33-card set for $3.00 with free shipping. I paid $0.50 more but I also got 32 additional cards.

OK, it isn’t “Extreme Couponing” but for an additional $0.30 I ended up with a lot more cards with the ability to sell or trade the additional cards to possibly end up making back all of my purchase price. I am a collector on a budget so really every penny saved is a penny that can later be used to pick up another card for my collection.


  1. And the great thing about blogs - ideas like this. I have NEVER thought to search for the sets a card may exist in. You are the MAN!

  2. I've done this, too! Great for picking up trade fodder...

  3. I've done this when I need a few cards to finish a set... but never thought about it for player collections. Then again, I don't chase a lot of inserts for those.

    And if the DramaTek cards #1 and 8 are for trade, I'd like to try to work something out. I need those to finish that set. I can look out for (but can't guarantee I'll find) those Japanese Griffey cards you're after.

    1. Sure, they are both available. I will send you an email soon.

  4. I absolutely love the Toys R' Us Rookie sets. I'm glad they kept the design the same every year. My goal is to eventually pick up all of the sets and display the rainbow of colored borders in a binder.