Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pull Tab Awareness Week

This week we celebrate Pull Tab Awareness Week!
 This is the week, started by Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown, where we remind those in the hobby who sell and trade cards to use tape responsibly by using a tab to make for easier removal from the rigid top loader.

Many of us have received a card where the sender put a piece of Scotch tape across the top and it is difficult to remove the tape or even worse, the card inside slid and is now caught under the tape with no easy way to open it.
I like to add a small piece of cardboard across the top, wider than the tape, so when I place the tape across the top loader it is placed over the cardboard in the opening so even if the card does slide it will not touch the tape and get stuck. If I am sending multiple cards I will put them in top loaders and then inside a team bag to keep the cards all together.


  1. there's an easier way to remove tape from top loaders, and that's not to EVER stick it on there in the first place.

    there's a special place in heel for all of those who put tape on top loaders.

    1. lol. then you'd hate my care packages. i tend to recycle my toploaders and 70% have tape on them. now technically, i'm usually not the guy applying the tape. i'm just passing the tape on to the next lucky collector. if i do apply tape, i use the painters tape or i just throw them in a team bag.

    2. I reuse top loaders too and if I can not get the original sender's tape off I leave it on but use the pull tab when I send my cards out.

  2. Thank you for your help spreading the word!

    And sure, team bags are definitely a great way to go, but that might be asking too much of most sellers ("Spend a few extra cents per sale? No way!"), but pull tabs with scotch tape is way better than scotch tape without.. and it doesn't cost anything other than literally one second of time.