Friday, July 17, 2015

Bring On Opus!

I was so excited the other day when I heard that Brekeley Breathed has decided to bring back Bloom County after 25 years in hibernation. When Breathed “retired” Bloom County he did carry on Outland and then later Opus, which used characters from the original Bloom County. These was among my favorite comic strips of the 1980s and 1990s along with Calvin and Hobbes.

Bloom County 2.0 will be released through Facebook, do they still print newspapers? (Kidding) and so far his first three covering Opus’ coming to grips over the modern world and the changes in the past 25 years.
After Outland was ended in 1995 Krome Productions released a 100-card 1995 Bloom County Chromium set based on Bloom County. The set had a sticker parallel of each base cards plus a 5-card Holochrome cards and there are also some promo cards and case topper cards. The set was made up of various characters and scenes from the comic and included all of the main characters like Opus, Bill the Cat (Ack!), Steve and Cutter John.

I picked up a pack in 1995 at one of the Tacoma Dome card shows where I met some of the Krome Production employees. They were selling the packs that were not exactly promo packs, because the cards were from the set, but on the back included the blurb “Coming Soon!” that is not on the regular packs. My guess is they were probably supposed to give them away but kept the money. In the end I am guessing that sales did not go over very well (or Krome Productions went out of business) because 1995 was the only set that was released.
The base cards can be found for a reasonable price, though it is kind of a niche set, while the Holochrome cards (1:18 packs) will cost you close to $10 and a sealed box is in the $40-50 range.

Packs contained 8 cards (7 base and 1 sticker) and here are some of what I pulled with the last image being one of the card backs:


Here is the sticker and back

I realized that I did post this pack in 2012 but I felt it was acceptable considering the rebirth of Bloom County.


  1. One can never see too much Bloom County. Now I will have to dig out the books in my basement and reread them.

  2. Wow. Blast from the past. Glad to see it's making a return