Sunday, July 5, 2015

U.S. Women's National Team Takes Home The Cup

The final whistle has blown on the Women’s World Cup final between the U.S. and Japan and what began with the U.S. on June 8th ends today with the U.S.W.N.T. winning the World Cup by a 5-2 score.

The U.S. came on strong scoring 4 goals in the first 16 minutes, 3 by Carli Lloyd alone including one from the midline. Japan came back with a goal and an “Own Goal” Julie Johnson to make the score 4-2 before Tobin Heath knocked in a shot in the 54th minute to cement the win with the teams trading control until the final whistle.

 Time to add a third star to the U.S. team’s crest.
One thing that has gotten lost in to the background of the U.S.’s amazing run to the Cup win was Germany’s epic failure. Germany, the #1 ranked women’s team, was expected to stroll through the rounds to the final but seemed to get tripped up along the way. They tied Norway (#11) in group play, then went on to be outscored 4-1 in their final three games in the Quarter-Final (Vs. France #3), Semi-Final (Vs. US #2) and Third Place games (Vs. England #6).

Congratulations U.S. Women’s National Team


  1. it was a great world cup. Great games, lots of action. Great fan attendance.
    unfortunately, the main story will be of horrible officiating. The Yanks, while playing a fantastic final, only advanced that far due to what best would be called questionable and favourable officiating. No way they even get near the final without the extra "help" This coming on the tails of the 2012 Olympic disaster where again, the U.S. was given their medal by questionable officiating. That official was removed from her international duties following the games.

    until that gets solved, it's another black eye on international football.

    I also find it interesting that while the world media (English speaking, including host Canada) is all over that story.... not a single U.S. sports page seems to be talking about it.
    It just shows that you can't trust anything you read unless you see it with your own eyes.

    hopefully having another North American hosted Cup will grow the sport even more. With the U.S. victory, hopefully another influx of girls will take up the sport in school and the game will only be better for it.

    1. There were some horrible calls, not to mention missed calls, in major games.

  2. I was happy see Japan and USA in the finals... but I wish it was a little closer.