Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another Cavalcade of Griffey Cards I

Closing out 2016 I made two posts about my favorite card pickups and my favorite Griffey card pickups. It was difficult to cut down to just a Top 10 Griffey cards, especially when you consider that I added 703 unique cards so I decided to cover the best of the rest of 2016. None of these were expensive, I think I only paid over $20 for one of these cards ($22 plus shipping) so they are not “S1CK!…M0JO HITS!!!!” by any means but they are notable, at least to me.

Like many collectors I love the odd card, the odder it is the better it is and if it glows or is acetate you have my full and undivided attention.

1991 Topps and 1991 Bowman glow backs
These are cards that Topps used a UV type of ink on the back that glows under a black light. They are difficult to tell apart, without a black light, from the regular back with the only difference I have noticed being that the Topps 40 Years of Baseball logo being a bit bolder.

1998 Pinnacle Epix Emerald Play and Game parallels
This set was kind of wonky and would have fit perfectly in today’s releases. The set was released in many different Pinnacle products. They were inserts in 1998 Score, 1998 Score/Traded, 1998 Pinnacle, 1998 Pinnacle Plus and 1998 Zenith and they were announced to be included in the 1998 Pinnacle Certified but were not.

Each of those sets had certain sets of the Epix cards and they were broken down in to Play, Game, Season and Moment with All-Star Epix as a sort of insert. They were further broken down in to 70% Orange, 20 % Purple and 10% Emerald parallels. The most common card being the Orange Play card and the rarest being the Emerald Moment card, which Pinnacle announced that they are not numbered but there are only 30 copies of each Emerald Moments cards.

I picked up these two Emerald cards within a week of each other. I am still on the hunt for the Emerald Season and Emerald Moments Griffey cards but those are a now a very low priority.

1998 Premier 300th Homerun 3D 5x7 card

2000 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects Minor League used game bat

2005 Topps Hot Button Baseball
I have never played the game but it is an acetate card with Ken Griffey Jr

2005 Topps Pack War
Another TCG that I don’t play but with my blog named Pack War what kind of collector would I be if I didn’t have a Griffey card from a set named Pack Wars?

2009 Disabled American Veterans SGA

2009 Topps Attax
Back to the TCG type cards but any time I can find a White Sox card of Griffey I am happy to pick it up.

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