Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Can Hit Roberto Duran, Can't Hit A Sticker

On Friday I wrote about the bleeding Leaf cards and while doing research for the post I came across this 2013 Leaf Sports Heroes Tommy The Hitman Hearns printing plate with a sticker auto that does not contain his entire signature. I looked in to his other Leaf autograph cards and half of the currently listed cards are as bad and those that aren’t as bad still have part of his signature missing.
I consider this a damaged product because the signature is not complete. It effects the appearance of the card and we already lost most on-card autographs should we be forced to accept sticker autographs with part of the signature missing?

I read a couple of blogs that cover Japanese cards and I have noticed that many of the sets that include autographs are signed on oversized stickers to accommodate Kanji characters. I would rather have a complete signature on a larger sticker than a cut off autograph on a small sticker, well I would rather have an on-card autograph but that is a given. 


  1. That's really on the athlete more than the card companies. The size of the stickers are not a secret. Must stink to be a collector of his.

  2. On-card is obviously best, but if not, yeah, a large sticker beats a small one.

  3. Those are atrocious. Leaf should have eaten the money they paid him and not issued the cards. They are not numbered so it's not like there would be an open spot in a checklist.

  4. I don't like to be a Negative Nancy... but if I was Leaf, I would have refused to pay for these or at the very least... asked him to redo them. These are bad. Real bad. Real, real bad. So bad that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's a shame too... because I think they're onto something cool with those sketch cards. They would have been better off leaving of that silly sticker and allowing some lucky collector to pull a beautiful hand drawn sketch.

    Okay... that's it. No more negative comments from me for the rest of the evening. :)