Friday, March 3, 2017

I May Bleed For My Cards (I Don't Really) But I Don't Want My Cards Bleeding For Me

Have you ever seen a card or set that was just a mess and wondered why the company decided to continue with a similar follow up? Sure they get an “A” for effort and a bonus point for committing to something but occasionally you need to just call it a failure and move along.

Now this could be a description of a number of sets but today I am just talking about Leaf’s Trinity printing plate inscriptions released between 2013-2015. I came across a couple of bleeding signatures on COMC and started checking out eBay to see if this was just an isolated case but it appears to have happened often enough over three years that it is easy to find them.  

I did notice that most of the ones with the bleeding ink are on the Black or Yellow printing plates so the issue appears to be a mixture of the pen ink and printers ink for those plates. 

A perfect example showing the issue is obviously not something effecting the entire run are these 2014 Leaf Trinity Dalton Pompey where the Black plate his signature is bled away while the Magenta plate looks as if he just signed it.

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  1. I picked up a signed 2016 Topps Tribute printing plate of Maddux a while back. I won't be amused if the inks starts bleeding.